Professional San Antonio Bondsman For Quick & Discreet Bail Bonds

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John McRae is a professional bail bondsman who has been in the bail bond business in San Antonio for over 30 years. He prides himself on providing quick and discreet bail bond services for families faced with the stress of getting a loved one or friend out of jail. Calling a bail bondsman is the first step to getting out … Read More

Do You Need a San Antonio Bondsman?

San Antonio Bondsman

As a San Antonio bondsman for McRae Bail Bonds, my job is to post a bond to the county court where you’ve been arrested so that you can get out of jail. The money I pay is to assure the court that you will return on your court date. We are experts at getting you out of jail quickly so … Read More

Are PR Bonds Best for Fast Bexar County Jail Release?

Will a PR Bond Get My Loved One Out of the Bexar County Jail? article McRae Bail Bonds in San Antonio, Texas

When your loved one has been arrested and locked up in the Bexar County Jail, you need to get them out as soon as possible. If you’re in a rush to come to their rescue and find information online about PR Bonds, think twice before getting one. One of the best routes to take is calling McRae Bail Bonds at … Read More

11 Common Legal Terms and Definitions for Bail Bonds

11 Common Legal Terms and Definitions for Bail Bonds

The arrest of a loved one is a bewildering experience. At McRae Bail Bonds in San Antonio, we want to ensure that the stresses that come with bailing a family member or friend out of jail are alleviated. The following compilation of common legal terms related to arrests will help you understand the bail bonds and jail release process. 11 … Read More

Arrested in San Antonio: Do You Know Your Miranda Rights?

Miranda Rights - McRae Bail Bonds - San Antonio TX - Bexar County Jail - San Antonio Bail Bonds

If you’re arrested in San Antonio, you need to know your Miranda Rights to make sure that you are protected until you get an attorney or have a chance to discuss your situation with McRae Bail Bonds. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law…” When … Read More