Holiday Safety Tips for San Antonio Residents

San Antonio Holiday Events and Safety Tips

Everywhere you go, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Although the holidays are among many people’s favorite time of year, home invasions and drunk driving could hamper your holiday fun. Keep your holiday cheer by adhering to the following safety guidelines from your friends and neighbors at McRae Bail Bonds. How to Keep Your San Antonio Holiday Season … Read More

10 Reasons You May Need an San Antonio Bail Bondsman During the Holidays

Arrested in San Antonio

The Christmas holidays fill many people with stress. From too little time, to too little money, the pressures of all the personal demands can result in some very poor decision-making. If you’re arrested in San Antonio during the holidays, you’ll want to contact a bail bondsman first so you can get out of jail and back to your family as … Read More

Will Your Loved One Spend Christmas in the Bexar County Jail?

Get out of Bexar County jail fast

If someone you love ends up arrested in San Antonio during the month of December, you’ll feel extra pressure to get them out of the Bexar County jail and home to your family as quickly as possible. Tips for Posting Bail Quickly at the Bexar County Jail During the Christmas Holidays Call Immediately: We answer the phone 24 hours a … Read More

Tips for Safely Enjoying San Antonio New Year’s Eve Events

San Antonio New Years Eve Events

On New Year’s Eve, raucous revelers will flood downtown San Antonio bars and event venues. As party-goers ring in the New Year, the city’s busiest streets will see an ebb and flow of bar hoppers unaware of potentially dangerous situations. Start the New Year off right with safety tips from McRae Bail Bonds. Safety Tips to Follow During San Antonio New … Read More

Do I need an attorney to get out of the Bexar County jail?

Do you need an attorney to get out of bexar county jail

One of the most common questions we get here at McRae Bail Bonds is whether or not a defendant needs an attorney to get out of the Bexar County jail. Obviously, the crime you’ve been arrested for can be an important determination. But in most cases… No, you don’t usually need an attorney to get out of the Bexar County … Read More