Well-Connected Man Arrested for Marijuana Possession in San Antonio

San Antonio Bexar County Jail time for Marijuana Possession in Texas

Having friends in high places can help you get into exclusive places, but may not necessarily get you out of the Bexar County Jail. 19 year old Aaron Marshall Taylor learned this the hard way. Authorities were called to an area near Blanco Road and Jackson Keller Road on Monday, July 6, 2015 because community members saw a suspicious car. … Read More

San Antonio Teen in Bexar County Jail Faces First Degree Murder Charge

From time to time heated arguments occur between young people and their parents or guardians. From not taking out the trash to going out after curfew, teenagers usually feel the brunt of parental disciplinary actions. In the case of one young San Antonio man, settling an argument with a machete has resulted in murder and he is now in the … Read More

Gun-Wielding Beer Thief Arrested in San Antonio at H-E-B

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18-year old Joshua Mendez was charged with aggravated robbery last week in San Antonio, TX at a local H-E-B. Eager to quench his thirst, the young man stole an 18-pack of beer from the H-E-B store near Valley Hi Drive and Loop 410 on the morning of May 12, 2015. After walking to his truck, the beer thief was stopped … Read More

San Antonio Police Take Man Stabbed 8 Times to University Hospital

San Antonio Police

When disagreements with friends or family members take a turn for the worse, it’s always best for both parties to either back off and relax or concede to the other person’s side. On a cool morning in San Antonio two friends were unable to control their tempers, landing both in the University Hospital according to San Antonio police. The scene … Read More