Gun and Knife Fight Threatens Lives at North Side Hookah Lounge

A night out on the town shouldn’t turn violent. Unfortunately for one group of San Antonio party goers, their night out almost turned deadly. At approximately 3:45 am on Sunday, February 14, a fight broke out in the Huff N’ Puff Hookah Lounge parking lot between four women and one man. According to San Antonio police and witnesses, the man … Read More

San Antonio Nurse Arrested for Unlawful Sexual Contact with Patients

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A man working as a registered nurse in hospitals and emergency rooms in San Antonio, TX has been arrested on felony charges for unlawful sexual contact with patients. Thomas Moore was found and arrested in Fort Collins, Colorado after reports by several female victims. Moore’s victims allege that he touched them in a sexual manner while they were supposed to … Read More

DWI Lands Man in San Antonio Jail

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After enjoying a night out on the town, opting to use a San Antonio rideshare company is a safe bet for individuals who don’t have a designated driver. Calling on a local driver is a smart way to prevent and avoid drunk driving incidents. Unfortunately, drunk people tend to exhibit poor decision making skills and get into a lot of … Read More

San Antonio Couple Arrested for Human Trafficking Sexual Assault of a Minor

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Human trafficking has been in the forefront of news because it happens so frequently that it is raising alarm in communities all across the world. This crime reared its ugly head in our local community on December 15, 2015. Two couples were arrested for sexually assaulting and selling a minor for prostitution. According to the San Antonio Police Department, the … Read More

San Antonio Man Arrested For Stealing From Employer

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A San Antonio man has gotten himself into a very sticky situation with his former employer and area police. 35-year old Martin Gutierrez Jr. is currently facing a felony theft charge for stealing over $15,000 worth of wood glue. The wood glue was packaged on six different pallets. When the suspect’s boss noticed that all six of the pallets weren’t … Read More