Blood Ritual in San Antonio, TX Leads to 4 Arrests

Mercedes Salazar, San Antonio TX Kidnapping Blood Ritual; photo provided by the Bexar County Texas, Sheriff's Office

It may be the most ghoulish time of the year, but kidnapping a San Antonio woman for a revenge-fueled blood ritual event is going too far. Determined to avenge her brother’s death, 32-year old Mercedes Salazar coordinated the kidnapping of the slain man’s girlfriend. Salazar enlisted three accomplices who helped her hold the 25-year old female victim captive. According to … Read More

HEB Deli Employee Brutally Murdered in San Antonio; Killer Still on the Loose

Photo courtesy of; Paulita Salazar HEB employee SATX

Residents of San Antonio have been shaken to the core this month after the heinous beating of 75-year old Paulita Boyd. Boyd’s body was discovered in her apartment located near her employer, HEB (Interstate 10 and DeZavala). As a dedicated member of the HEB Deli Department team, Boyd was well liked and a beacon of goodness according to those who … Read More

Vandalizing the Alamo Gets San Antonio Man Arrested

It’s a well-known fact that Texans from every corner of the state have been taught to “Remember the Alamo,” the site of the 1836 battle between Texan and Mexican armies. Tales of courage and heroism are woven into the fabric of the Alamo which still stands today and is a popular tourist destination for people from around the world. To … Read More

Aggravated Assault Charges for Drunk San Antonio Woman Kicked Out of Club Essence

Driving While Intoxicated - Taxi Fare is Cheaper than a Bexar County Jail Bail Bond - McRae Bail Bonds - San Antonio TX - Bexar County Jail - San Antonio Bail Bonds

After going out to enjoy a few drinks in San Antonio, opting to take a cab or Uber ride home is usually in the best interest of individuals without a designated driver. Using this option keeps both the individual and other drivers safe from drunk driving incidents. Unfortunately, big mistakes do happen to drunken people. One woman’s lack of judgement … Read More

San Antonio “School Girls” Prostitution Ring Broken Up

San Antonio "School Girls" Prostitution Ring Broken Up, Prostitution, San Antonio Jail, Bexar County Bail Bond Office

38-year old Steven Charles Sumlin was arrested Monday, August 17, 2015 for pimping 30 women in San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. Sumlin ran a prostitution ring, known as “School Girls by Jazleen”. He lured women pursuing higher education into his lurid sexual web with online ads, promising them an almost effortless way to make money and even modeling opportunities. The … Read More