When a family member or friend gets arrested in San Antonio, you may asked to be a co signer for a bail bond. To better help you understand the process of becoming a co-signer for bail bonds in San Antonio, review these qualifications and then give us a call at (210) 463-5561 to qualify by phone.

Do You Qualify as a Co signer for a Bail Bond?

A co signer for bail bond is a person who agrees to take financial responsibility if a defendant fails to follow the bail bond agreement. If a defendant skips court dates, or violates the bail bond terms, the co-signer must pay the bail bond fee.

Credit History

Having a good credit history will impact whether you will qualify as a co-signer. The bottom line: Good credit history indicates you will respect and honor the bail bond agreement made with our office.

Job History

Your job history is also an important consideration for McRae Bail Bonds. By proving to us that you’ve held a stable job for a long period of time, we will trust that you’ll be able to make required payments in case the defendant is unable to.


Every client’s case is different, causing us to evaluate individual situations with great attention. We factor in nature of the charges, bail amounts, and whether or not the defendant poses a flight risk. As a co-signer, your personal property can be considered collateral. When putting up collateral, which will be held by the bail bondsman, you’ll also have to pay a non-negotiable fee. The collateral will be returned to you once the defendant appears in court.  The following are typical accepted forms of collateral:

  • Assets on paper
  • Cars or other vehicles, vehicle titles
  • Mortgage deeds

Bail Bond Fee

Bail bondsman typically charge a fee of 10-15% of the bond amount set by the magistrate. While it’s a small fraction of the total bond set by the judge, it can still be a lot of money for a co signer to come up with. So we offer several affordable ways to pay the bail bond fee.

If you’re ready to come to your family member or friend’s rescue, give us a call at (210) 463-5561. No matter what the situation, our friendly agents at McRae Bail Bonds will determine the best way to get your family member or friend released from the San Antonio jail as soon as possible.

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