Brave San Antonio Child Texts Police for Help After Sexual Assault

A young pre-teen girl in San Antonio was taking a nap on Friday in her bedroom when a family friend came in and sexually assaulted her. Luckily she had her mobile phone nearby and when the man left the room she texted the San Antonio police the word “help” and her mother. According to News 4 San Antonio, the police came to the apartment and after talking with the girl and her mother, arrested Reginald Earl Sweed, Jr. for indecency with a child.

In Texas, the charge of indecency with a child occurs when a person has sexual contact with a child younger than 17 years old. Under Texas law, “sexual contact” can include any kind of touching, even through clothing to the private areas of a child’s body.

The punishment for indecency with a child is a second degree felony and punishable by a fine up to $10,000 and between 2 and 20 years in prison, or both. A felony is serious crime and the person arrested should get an attorney. Anyone accused of a sexual assault should be considered innocent until convicted by law and we can recommend attorneys who specialize in sexual assault cases. A person who commits a sexual assault can get a bail bond if the judge believes they are not a danger. The cost for a San Antonio bail bond will depend on the seriousness of the sexual assault and be set by the judge.

A study was issued last year that was reported by the San Antonio Express News that says sexual assault in San Antonio is at crisis levels with more than 400,000 Texans reporting sexually assault every year, with many more assaults going unreported. The Rape Crisis Center of San Antonio is a national leader in providing excellent care for those impacted by sexual violence. Thank goodness this little girl was brave enough to ask for help.

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