Bail Bonds Converse TX

Bail Bonds Converse TX

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There are bills to pay and kids to take care of. When someone you love, like a boyfriend or husband, is arrested life can go into a tailspin.  You may be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about when and if your loved one will get out of jail.  You don’t have to wait any longer. McRae Bail Bonds will work with you and your budget to get your husband or boyfriend out of jail and on with life.  We’re happy to now be providing bail bonds services to the city of Converse, TX.  McRae Bail Bonds is always open and ready to take your call. Pick up the phone and call us today at 210-463-5561.

Bail Bonding You Can Count On

At McRae Bail Bonds, we have the best and brightest bail bonding agents on staff. Our dedicated team of bail bondsmen is well versed in how bail bonds work and can navigate the judicial system like a seasoned professional. Our expertise means you will be able to post bond quicker and you’ll be reunited with your loved one even sooner.  No more waiting around for jail visiting hours. If a bond is set, the defendant has a legal right to post bail. We make that process simple and affordable for you.

Capable Bail Services

We are capable to handle any case, big or small. No matter the crime or allegations, we can help you and your family post bail.  We know bail is often an unexpected expense and you shouldn’t have to decide between paying rent and reuniting with a loved one.  At McRae Bail Bonds, we will work with your budget and resources to make posting bail a reality. We will need a co-signer, collateral to get the bail process moving. We also charge a non-refundable fee.  We accept most forms of collateral, including vehicles, boats, and property deeds.

Accelerated Bail Bonds

There’s no time to waste. As soon as someone you love or care about is locked up, call McRae Bail Bonds. Our experienced bail agents will work as quickly as possible to have the defendant out jail within 24 hours of an arrest. Please note, the actual timeline will vary depending on your financial resources and the bail amount. In general, when you work with a bail bonding company out of pocket expenses will range between 10% -15%.

More About Converse, TX

Converse, TX is located about 15 miles outside of San Antonio near Randolph Air Force Base. This small city is home to more than 11,000 people.  Converse, TX is well known for its annual Night in Ole Converse parade and carnival. The annual event is held in Converse, TX every October. This family-friendly event includes a barbeque, live music, arts/crafts and a cookoff.  For more information about his fun event, check out the city Facebook page.

Even though the city is relatively small, it’s experiencing growing pains. The city is proposing annexing more property to better serve residents in outlying areas.  In addition, the city is currently asking residents to complete a survey about how to improve the area.