Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

McRae Bail Bonds Staff

We hope that this page will serve as a help to our bail bonds clients by answering some of the more common questions that we get asked on a regular basis. To call us we can be reached day or night at (210) 463-5561! This is our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.

1. How Long Has McRae Bail Bonds Been In Business?

John McRae, the owner and CEO of McRae Bail Bonds started the business over 30 years ago in 1987. Over that time the company has grown and earned a reputation all throughout this area of Texas for being a highly effective bail bond agency for its clients as well as one they can trust.

2. What Texas Counties Does McRae Bail Bonds Serve?

McRae Bail Bonds focuses mostly on the San Antonio Texas area and all of Bexar County. But it also serves nearby counties as well. The counties that McRae Bail Bonds Serves include:

  • Bexar County, San Antonio
  • Kendall County, Boerne
  • Medina County, Hondo
  • Guadalupe County, Seguin
  • Wilson County, Floresville
  • Atascosa County, Jourdanton
  • Comal County, New Braunfels

3. Do We Have To Come Into McRae’s Office To Get A Bail Bond?

Absolutely not! If you have access to the internet over your computer or phone, then in most situations you can take care of all of the paperwork to bail your loved one out of jail without ever leaving your home! Our motto is “Qualify By Phone! Never Leave Home!“ So be sure and give McRae Bail Bonds a call today at (210) 463-5561!

4. What Are Your Business Days & Hours?

We are available to serve you any day of the week day or night. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and often 365 days of the year. We understand that people often don’t get arrested during normal 8am to 5pm business hours. That is why you can call us anytime!

5. What Is The Cost OF Your Services & How Do We Pay You?

Bail Bond Payment: Our fee is typically 8% – 10% of the full bail bond amount set by the County Court. We will work with your individual financial situation and accept personal checks, money orders and most major credit and debit cards for the bail bond fee.

Fast Release from County Jail: Once the person who has been arrested has bail set by the County Judge and payment arrangements have been made with McRae Bail Bonds, we will immediately post a bail bond at the county jail and secure the immediate release of your loved one.

6. Do I Qualify as a Co-signer for a Bail Bond?

A co signer for bail bond is a person who agrees to take financial responsibility if a defendant fails to follow the bail bond agreement. If a defendant skips court dates, or violates the bail bond terms, the co-signer must pay the bail bond fee.

Credit History

Having a good credit history will impact whether you will qualify as a co-signer. The bottom line: Good credit history indicates you will respect and honor the bail bond agreement made with our office.

Job History

Your job history is also an important consideration for McRae Bail Bonds. By proving to us that you’ve held a stable job for a long period of time, we will trust that you’ll be able to make required payments in case the defendant is unable to.


Every client’s case is different, causing us to evaluate individual situations with great attention. We factor in nature of the charges, bail amounts, and whether or not the defendant poses a flight risk. As a co-signer, your personal property can be considered collateral. When putting up collateral, which will be held by the bail bondsman, you’ll also have to pay a non-negotiable fee. The collateral will be returned to you once the defendant appears in court.  The following are typical accepted forms of collateral:

  • Assets on paper
  • Cars or other vehicles, vehicle titles
  • Mortgage deeds

7. Do I Need To Hire An Attorney?

The short answer is that is not up to us to decide. We cannot give a person legal advice. But as far as for our part, you do not need an attorney for us to post your bail and get you out of jail and back home to your family. And we will remind you as part of our service of your up coming court hearings and other legal obligations relating to your case.

8. How Do I Take Care of San Antonio Arrest Warrants?

Warrants can turn into serious financial and legal burdens if you do not address them, so we at McRae Bail Bonds will walk you through the process every step of the way. If you have a warrant out for your arrest in San Antonio or its surrounding counties, you must take care of it as soon as possible.

The first step is the most important: turn yourself into the jail. Even if this seems daunting, you will have to be booked into jail and then secure a bail bond in order to get out. Most times the release will take place within 24 hours.

9. How soon do I report to McRae Bail Bonds after release?

A: Right now. Typically, our bail bond clients report immediately after release. At the very least, we expect them to report to our agents within 24 hours.

10. What’s required of me until the bond is paid off?

A: We require information about our clients’ court dates (time, date, location, etc.). Until the court date, we will also require weekly check-ins in order to ensure that things are going smoothly.

A: When clients miss check-ins or make late payments, we alert the client’s co-signer. We will promise to be as flexible as possible, within reason, by working with the client, determine why the court date was missed, and attempt to work with the judge to secure a new court date.

11. Q: What happens if I miss a check-in/court date?

In the worst-case scenario, we must hire an investigator to find and arrest clients who have disappeared before their court dates.

No matter what comes up in your personal or professional life, you must make your court dates. If you’re unable to make your court date, contact us by calling (210) 463-5561. We are committed to doing everything we can to work with you.

12. What happens if my bond is revoked?

A: If a client’s bond must be revoked, a warrant is immediately released for his or her arrest. Unless a client has already missed a court date, co-signers are not held responsible for revoked bonds.

Keep in mind that revoked bonds will obtaining another bail bond from us in the future very difficult. Oftentimes in a revoked bond situation clients can expect higher fees and will need a qualified co-signer.

If you have more questions, McRae Bail Bonds agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you further understand the bonding and jailing process. Call us at 1(210) 463-5561 to discuss the best bail bond option for your loved one, friend, or co-worker.

Map To McRae Bail Bonds

Below is a Google map showing you the location of the McRae Bail Bond business office. Our address is McRae Bail Bonds, 4023 S Presa St
San Antonio, TX 78223 (210) 463-5561.