Bail Bonds Elmendorf TX

Bail Bonds Elmendorf TX

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Hello. Welcome to our website. If you are searching for the best bail bondsman in Elmendorf, TX and surrounding areas, look no further than McRae Bail Bonds. We’re a locally owned business with more than 30 years in the bail bonds business. We’re passionate about helping neighbors get out of jail and on with life. If bail is set in your case, you have the right to get out of jail. We make all of that happen quickly.  If someone you care about is locked up, call McRae Bail Bonds for help. We’re here for you.

Honest Bail Bondsman

At McRae Bail Bonds, we believe in being transparent and honest with every single client.  Our bail agents are always professional and courteous. We will walk with you through the bail process and answer all your questions along the way. We will never rush you into making a decision or signing paperwork until you fully understand the situation.  When posting bail, we need a co-signer and some form of collateral.  McRae Bail Bonds also charges a non-refundable fee. In general, when you work with a bail bondsman you only need to come up with a small percentage of the total bail amount. We can go over all these details when you call us today at (210) 463-5561. 

Confidential Bail Bonding

Breaking News! Your loved one is now under arrest. When someone you care about is locked up, you don’t want everyone in the world knowing about your personal crisis. We get it. That’s why we vow to keep the details of your case confidential. Our bail agents are also discreet when handling cases, making visits and phone calls. We know this is a difficult time and we want to make it a little easier for you.

Professional Bail Company

McRae Bail Bonds is a professional bail company serving neighbors across the region. We’re here for you, when and where you need us. We’re open 24/7, 365 days a year because we know there is never a really great time to be arrested. Our bail agents will pick up the phone when you call, no need to leave a message! You can talk to a real person, really early in the morning or really late at night. We will be there for you!

More About Elmendorf, TX

Located in southeastern Bexar County, Elmendorf, TX is about 17 miles from downtown San Antonio. Elmendorf, TX is a popular place for families who don’t want to live downtown but want to enjoy all the benefits of living near a large city.  If you live in Elmendorf, TX and work downtown, the commute isn’t too bad.  The strong economy, entertainment, and median home price of $138,000- makes this city a great place to live. However, the summer heat can be intense if you’re not used to it.  The city was incorporated in 1885 thanks to the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad. The city is home to a diverse range of industrial and manufacturing businesses that will create 500 new jobs over the next few years!