Bail Bonds Harlandale San Antonio TX

Bail Bonds Harlandale San Antonio TX

Bexar Bail Bonds San Antonio Texas

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. When someone you love is arrested, it’s normal to feel uneasy and unsure about how the world will perceive the news. This is a tough time for you, but it will get better. If a judge sets bail in your case, you have the legal right to get out of jail until the case is resolved.  This is where we come in! McRae Bail Bonds specializes in posting bail. We also work with our clients after bail is posted to make sure they appear in future court hearings.  McRae Bail Bonds is here for you. Call us 24/7 at (210) 463-5561. 

Do I Need A Bail Bonds Co-Signer?

Yes, you need someone to co-sign the bail bonds if you want to get out of jail.  A co-signer is someone who will take financial responsibility for the accused. A family member or close friend are all usually great people to ask to be a co-signer. A co-signer will sign the required documents, provide some form of collateral and pay the bail and non-refundable fee.  If the accused fails to appear in court after they are released from jail, the collateral will be collected and used to pay for the total bail amount.  A co-signer is a big responsibility.  A co-signer must have a good credit history, a steady job and collateral to qualify.

24 Hour Bail Bonding Services

When you need help getting someone you care about out of jail, you don’t have time to wait around for a bail bondsman to call you back.  We get it. McRae Bail Bonds is open 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re even on-call during the weekends and holidays. An arrest is often unexpected and that’s why we make ourselves available all the time.  As soon as someone you love is locked up, call McRae Bail Bonds.  We will need the defendant’s name, booking number, and where they are being detained.  We’ll take care of the rest!

When Can I Post A Jail Bond?

You can post bail bonds as soon as the bail is determined by a judge.  In Texas, state law mandates the accused must see a judge within the first 48 hours of an arrest. However, this may happen sooner, depending on the criminal allegations. During this hearing, a judge will determine if there is probable cause to formally file charges against the accused. If there is enough evidence, charges will be filed and bail will be set. At this time, you can post bail and reunite with your friend or family member.

More About Harlandale, San Antonio, TX

Harlandale, San Antonio, Tx is located in the south part of this major metropolitan area. The Harlandale community is home to Texas A & M University-San Anontio and Palo Alto College.  You’ll also find traveling through Harlandale is a great way to get to Lackland Air Force Base, Stinson Municipal Airport and Brooks-City Base. The south side of town is also where Toyota builds the Tundra and Tacoma. The Toyota manufacturing plant is a major employer in the Harlandale neighborhood.