No matter the charge, getting arrested is humiliating. That’s why your loved one will want to work with a bail bondsman in San Antonio that places professionalism and discretion above all else. Listed are a few items you’ll need to know for the discretionary bail bonding process.

Defendants Can Pay Bail On Their Own
Once a defendant has been arrested and booked into the Bexar County Jail, he or she may be able to pay bail out of their own pocket. Upon payment and other processing, the defendant will be released.

The Crime Effects Jail Time and Bail Amount
Nonviolent misdemeanors usually result in a low bail amount, maxing out at about $500. If criminal charges are deemed more serious in the eyes of the law, the bail will be set at a higher rate. As a result, the defendant may not be able to pay the bail outright and will have to stay in jail. It would be in your loved one’s best interest for you to call us at (210) 463-5561 to get a bail bond. The sooner you call us, the faster we can begin the bail bond process.

Bail Bond Co-Signing
Although you may be eager to bail a loved one out of jail in San Antonio, you must understand the financial risks involved with bail bond co-signing. As a co-signer, also known as an “indemnitor” or “guarantor”, you are responsible for the defendant while he or she is out on bail. You also assume financial liability to guarantee the full bond amount to the bail bond company. If you want to move forward with this type of bond, you will pay a non-refundable fee and must agree to all terms set by McRae Bail Bonds.

Have Collateral Ready
Collateral, or valuable personal property, will help you get a bail bond fast. You can further discuss types of acceptable collateral by calling us at (210) 463-5561. As with all bail bonds, the defendant must show up to his or her appointed court dates. If the defendant does not adhere to these terms, your collateral will be forfeited. You will also remain financially liable for the bail bond terms.

Limit Conversations About Defendant’s Case
The simplest way to maintain your loved one’s discretion is to talk about his or her case with his or her lawyer. No one wants a perpetual reminder of why and how they were arrested and thrown in jail. Maintain your loved one’s privacy by discussing the case with those who are directly involved.

McRae Bail Bonds agents are ready to help you and your loved one regain a sense of normalcy after an arrest in Bexar County. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you keep your loved one’s dignity in tact. Call (210) 463-5561 now to get a bail bond or for more information.

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