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Alicia Loza and John McRae

When a friend or family member gets into to trouble sometimes they get arrested. As anyone who has been through this before can tell you it can be not only a scary and stressful time, but embarrassing as well. You want to get them out of jail as quickly as possible, but who do you call? You don’t want anyone to know what happened if you can help it.

Then there is the question of the money. Who has thousands of dollars laying around to give to the court at a time like this? Sometimes these bail amounts can be really steep. Not only don’t you want your acquaintances to know about the arrest, but you really don’t want to have to ask people for money.

This is why most states allow for the services of a bail bonding company. They are experts at dealing with the court system and getting people released as quickly as possible. However not all bail bond companies are the same. It is important that you call the most experienced and trustworthy company in your area.

McRae Bail Bond Company

At McRae Bail Bonds we are not the new kids on the block. We have been bail bondsmen for more than 30 years. And over these many years we have developed a reputation for being very competent and efficient and getting our clients through this process and released from jail very quickly. We know what we are doing. Our clients tell us that this is a tremendous benefit that we provide. They love that we save them from having to spend any more time in jail than they have to.

A Superior Bail Company In San Antonio TX

Not only are we more experienced and competent than most bail bonds companies, but treat our clients right too. We know this is not an easy time in your lives, and we strive to make it so working with us makes it go a little bit better. If we can get you out of jail a little bit faster and provide you with the most professional customer service possible then we feel we can accomplish this.

At McRae Bail Bonds we refer to our team as our McRae family.  We like to say “let our family help your family!” Give us a call for fast bail bonds service in San Antonio Texas today at (210) 463-5561!

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