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Getting arrested is not a fun thing to have happen to you. When you are in the middle of one of the worst possible situations that you could encounter, getting arrested and charged with a crime, that there is a bail bonding agent in San Antonio Texas that you can trust. Event the most on top of things people get overwhelmed in chaos as their worlds get turned upside down from an arrest.

McRae Bail Bonds is here to get you out of jail quickly, remind you of the any upcoming hearings and other important legal obligations coming up, and hopefully help make a difficult situation a little bit easier to handle. So be sure and give McRae Bail Bonds a call today at (210) 463-5561!

Expert Bail Bonding Agents

Knowing the bail bond agent requirements in your area is not something that most people know, unless you have been arrested multiple times before and had to work with bail bond agents. And in saying that I am not talking about the requirements to be come a bail bond agent, but I mean the requirements of a bail agent to post bail and get a client out of jail.

Bail agents are not all created equal. Some are really really good, like McRae Bail Bonds, and really know their stuff. Others are less experienced and are learning as they are helping their clients. Their mistakes can cost the client to have to spend more time in jail. We here at McRae Bail Bonds started our business over 30 years ago, in 1987. Let our expert bail bondsmen help you. We will always treat you exactly as we would want to be treated.

San Antonio 24 Hour Bail Agents

24 Bail Bonds San Antonio TX

We understand that people don’t always get arrested during regular 9 to 5 business hours. We are totally okay with that. In fact for our clients we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

And if you have access to a computer or a smart phone and the internet, in most cases we can help you post bail for your loved one without ever having to leave your home or work. In fact our motto is “Qualify By Phone! Never Leave Home!“ So should you ever need us, please give McRae Bail bonds a call today at (210) 463-5561!