Bexar County Bail Bondsman Are Not All The Same

San Antonio Texas Skyline

There are a lot of Bexar County bail bondsmen to choose from, and John McRae prides himself on providing one of the most professional and trustworthy bail bond companies in San Antonio, Texas.

What should a Bexar County Bail Bondsman do for you?

  1. Immediately go to the Bexar County jail to meet with your friend or family member who is arrested.
  2. Communicate with you immediately about how much a bail bond will cost and give you a timeline of when to expect to be released.
  3. Please arrange for the bail bond with the Bexar County Judge and pick up your friend and family member as soon as they are released.
  4. Keep track of essential court appointments and legal requirements to help reduce the stress on you and the person arrested.

What Makes John McRae a Bail Bondsman You Can Trust?

  • I’ve been in the San Antonio bail bond business for over 30+ years.
  • Many of my customers are parents, grandparents, and friends helping someone they love.
  • My staff is professional and respectful, regardless of the circumstances.
  • We provide several payment options for co-signers with good credit and employment history.

The Bexar County Bail Bond Board licenses McRae Bail Bonds. McRae Bail Bonds provides bail bond services for the San Antonio metro area, including Bexar, Guadalupe, Comal, Kendall, Atascosa, Wilson, and Medina Counties in Texas.

We welcome your call if you are a parent or friend living outside San Antonio, Texas. We know this is a very stressful time, and we will work closely with you to quickly get your loved one out of jail and safely home.

To get a bail bond for your friend or loved one immediately, call our Bexar County bail bondsman office in San Antonio 24 hours a day at  (210) 463-5561.