Jail Bond Types San Antonio, TX

Judge Bail Bonds San Antonio Texas

It is no fun to get arrested, nor to have a friend or loved one arrested. But sometimes bad things happen to good people. I you or someone you love find yourself in need of jail bond services, it is nice to know that their are companies out their who are honest and who will treat you both kind and professional, like McRae Bail Bonds.

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Are All Jail Bonds The Same?

No, not really. There are actually 3 different types. The first is what we call a self paid bail bond. If the bail amount is something that you can afford, and if you are comfortable being without the money until the court case is completely over, then this is the best way to go. Unfortunately most of us are not prepared to pay the high bail amount and not get the money back for months and possibly years, waiting for the court to finish.

The second type is called a property bond. A property bond is a financial guarantee that you have to get approved by the court that is secured by property, real or personal. If you have the ability to put up this kind of collateral then this could save you the cost of using a bail bond company.

The third is when you hire a jail bond company like McRae Bail Bonds. We post the bail amount for you. We do also require collateral and you will have to pay a 10% to 15% fee, once the process is over.

Professional Experienced Bail Bonds Agents

It is never fun for you or a loved one to be charged with a crime or be arrested. But if you have an experienced jail bond company like McRae Bail Bonds on your side, at least you don’t have to go through experience alone. And McRae Bail Bonds is known for not only doing a great job, but also for treating our clients with the utmost professionalism and kindness.

McRae Bail Bonds has also been in business since 1987, so they have been doing this for over 35 years. And each of our bail bondsmen have decades of experience themselves. We know the ropes. We know the jurisdictional procedures. So we know how to get you released and back home to your family as quick as possible. Give us a call anytime day or night at (210) 463-5561