11 Common Legal Terms and Definitions for Bail BondsThere are different types of jail bonds in the United States, and what is allowed varies from state to state. In this article I am going to discuss 7 of them. Hopefully this article will be helpful to you if you have a family member that has been arrested and you are trying to learn about the options available. Just remember that the state laws very from state to state. So check with a local jail bond expert who can advise you as to what is available in your state.

Six Jail Bond Types

Citation Release

This is the best type of jail bond to get because you never get taken into custody. This is often issued by the arresting officer at his or her discretion. It is usually given out for minor crimes and sometimes traffic violations. This is given when the officer does not take the defendant down to the station but issues a citation ordering the person to appear before a judge on a specific date.

Recognizance Release

This type of bail bond is the second best in terms of being the easiest to deal with for the suspect. As soon as you sign the paperwork you are released. There is no bail to pay but there will be a fine if you do not appear in court. This can be given at the discretion of the arresting officer, however it might also need to be fought for in court. Sometimes depending on the situation having to post the bail might actually end up being cheaper.

Cash Bail

A cash bail is exactly what it sounds like. Paying your bail in cash. All bail can be paid in cash as long as you have, or can get access to, the correct amount of money. There are some corrections departments that will accept payments by cashier’s check or credit card, but many only accept cash. So you need to check with them and find out for sure before you go down to bail your loved one out of jail.

Surety Bond

When you need to be released from jail and pay your bail amount, if you don’t have the money the only way to get out of jail is to hire a jail bond service. The first type of bond that a jail bondsman can offer you is a surety bond. To do this type of a bond you need to pay the jail bondsman 10% of the bail amount and agree to show up to the court and the appointed date and time.

As far as working with a bondsman on this kind of bond the process is simple. You pay the 10% to the bondsman on behalf of your arrested loved one and then they go through the process of posting the bail money to get them released. If you don’t have the full amount of the 10% some jail bonds agencies will make payment arrangements with you.

Property Bond

Property bonds are not allowed in all states, but are available in some. For this type of bond the full rights to the property must be available to be pledged as collateral for the bond. Many different types of property can be used, but real estate is the most common. This type can take several weeks to complete because of the assessment of the property and a court hearing to make sure everything is agreed to.

Federal Bail Bonds

If the crime is federal then only federal jail bonds can be used. These are function just like a property bond because the transaction is completed directly with the court without the aid of a jail bond company. Call us today at (210) 463-5561!

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