My Loved One Needs a Bail Bond – Which One Should I Get?

Bail Bonds Sign

When a loved one is behind bars and needs you to pay their bail, you may feel overwhelmed by the unexpected costs of putting up the money. Although the experience may feel dire, there are bonds available for you to choose from that won’t necessarily break your bank.

Review the following bail bonds used by many McRae Bail Bonds clients:

Cash Bail Bonds

This bail is precisely what it seems: a bail bond that requires cash to be obtained. A cash bond requires that the cash is paid in total upfront. This type of bond is an agreement between the court and the defendant, ensuring that he or she will show up for court dates.

The cash bond will be forfeited if the defendant doesn’t show up in court for his or her scheduled appearances. A forfeited bond will result in a warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

Remember that you will only get your bail money back if the defendant attends all court dates.

Surety Bail Bonds

A bail bondsman posts a surety bond. The defendant agrees with the bail bondsman in exchange for the bail amount. The agreement also ensures that the defendant will attend his or her court date.

It is usual for a bail bondsman to require collateral from the defendant to ensure that the bail money is not lost if the defendant does not attend his or her court date.

With surety bonds, you will not get your money back. Since the bail bondsman pays the bond, the defendant must pay a non-refundable bail premium or a percentage of the total bail amount.

Using a bail bondsman is the fastest way to get your loved one out of jail. Give McRae Bail Bonds a call at 1(210) 463-5561 to discuss the best bail bond option for you to get your loved one or co-worker out of the Bexar County Jail. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will do our best to help you in your time of need.