San Antonio Man Arrested For Stealing From Employer

Bexar County Jail Prisoners

A San Antonio man has gotten into a sticky situation with his former employer and area police. 35-year-old Martin Gutierrez Jr. is facing a felony theft charge for stealing over $15,000 of wood glue.

The wood glue was packaged on six different pallets. When the suspect’s boss noticed that all six pallets weren’t in the C&C Wholesale Distributors Warehouse in Northeast San Antonio, he confronted the man and contacted local authorities.

During a recorded interview set up by his boss, Gutierrez came clean, admitting to stealing three pallets of wood glue and verbally promising to pay for what he stole. According to reputable news source Beaumont Enterprise, the recording and surveillance footage showing Gutierrez turning off cameras around the time of the theft was given to local authorities.[1] Gutierrez did not reveal the location of the other three missing pallets.

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