What Can Get You Arrested at a Polling Location?

Vote Arrested

Recently, a Trump supporter learned the hard way what can get you arrested at the polls. After refusing to conceal the election message on his t-shirt, local election officials had no choice but to have him arrested.

Donald Trump supporter, Brett Mauthe of Bulverde was charged with “electioneering” after going into a polling place wearing a hat supporting the candidate and a T-shirt with the words “Basket of Deplorables”.  While he agreed to remove his hat when confronted, he refused to remove or conceal his t-shirt, which was what resulted in the arrest. He posted $500 bond and was released on bail. No word on whether he returned to vote.

While exercising your right to vote, follow these rules outlined by the Texas Secretary of State to avoid trouble at your polling place:

  1. No Electioneering: Electioneering is prohibited within a 100-foot marker of every polling location. You cannot express views for or against a candidate or political party by wearing buttons, T-shirts, hats, or carrying signs.
  2. No Wireless Communication: Persons cannot use wireless communications devices within 100 feet of the voting stations. This means cell phones, cameras, or any recording device. This also means NO SELFIES!
  3. No Guns: The Texas Penal Code prohibits a person from bringing a firearm onto the premises of a polling place. Yes, even in Texas!

The purpose of these rules is to allow everyone to cast their vote without fear of intimidation. So, if you’re passionate about supporting your candidate on Election Day at a polling location, look for the 100-foot marker, and you can wear your election gear or carry signs anywhere in front of that marker.

While we hope no one needs bail after getting arrested at a polling location, we hope you will exercise your right to vote this Tuesday! In the off chance that someone you know can’t follow these rules… well, you know where to find us, McRae Bail Bonds.