Are PR Bonds Best for Fast Bexar County Jail Release?

Get Out Of Jail

When your loved one has been arrested and locked up in the Bexar County Jail, you need to get them out as soon as possible. If you’re rushing to come to their rescue and find information online about PR Bonds, think twice before getting one. One of the best routes is to call McRae Bail Bonds at (210) 463-5561 immediately for information on how best to secure a bail bond in San Antonio. The following information will help you determine if a PR Bond is the right choice for your loved one.

PR Bonds Defined

Court judges grant PR Bonds, or Personal Recognizance bonds, after the complete review of an inmate’s case and criminal history during a pretrial hearing. The granting of PR Bonds indicates that the court judge has determined that the inmate isn’t a threat to the community. It may also indicate that the individual has ties to the community that would prevent him or her from leaving the area (e.g., a stable job, a student, an active community member, etc.)

If a PR Bond is granted and the court judge sets the bail amount, the bonded individual will not have to pay anything but must attend every required court appearance. It’s very important to remember that if the bonded party doesn’t show up for court dates or skips town, he or she is obligated to pay the full bail amount. He or she may also be arrested if the terms of the personal recognizance bond are violated or broken.

Contacting a San Antonio bondsman like McRae Bail Bonds may be your best option, but if you would prefer a PR Bond, there are several red-line items you must know about.

3 Facts About PR Bonds You Need To Know

  • Longer Wait Time In Jail – Before obtaining a PR Bond, the inmate must participate in a pretrial interview, prolonging the jail release time. Additionally, personal references must be obtained to prove the inmate is a stable community member.
  • Only Judges Can Grant PR Bonds – A court judge is the only individual who can approve and grant a PR Bond, despite an inmate having a lawyer speak on his or her behalf. The jail release time is at the mercy of the judge’s schedule and the number of cases he/she has to review. Timeframes for court judges do not necessarily work in the inmate’s favor. Still, if you call a traditional bail bondsman in San Antonio, you may only be required to submit your approval and signature. This is dependent upon the type of bail bond you choose. Call McRae Bail Bonds at (210) 463-5561 for more detailed information.
  • PR Bonds Typically Have Additional Costs – Undisclosed costs are often associated with acquiring a PR Bond, even if you don’t have to pay the full bail amount. You must attend court-ordered classes that you must pay for with your own money. For example, if you’re arrested for a minor offense involving alcohol, you may have to enroll in and attend and pay for an alcohol and substance abuse class. Depending on the conditions of your PR Bond, you might even have to attend meetings and other classes associated with your crime.

The fastest way to get someone out of the Bexar County Jail is to use a bail bondsman. If you have more questions, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you further understand Personal Recognizance bonds. Call McRae Bail Bonds at 1(210) 463-5561 to discuss the best bail bond option for your loved one or co-worker.