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McRae Bail Bonds has provided professional and discreet service for over 30 years. You can contact us 24 hours a day for San Antonio bail bonds to get your loved ones out of the Bexar County Jail fast.

Testimonials for McRae Bail Bonds

“My experience with McRae was that they were friendly and helpful. They helped me out even though I don’t live in San Antonio. They were able to communicate with another bail bonds agency close to where I live and made the process very smooth and efficient. Highly recommended.” – J. Earnest

“I recommend McRae Bail Bonds if you’re looking for high quality, personal service. While McRae Bail Bond offers great service, they are not intrusive and are respectful of your privacy. Alicia is great about keeping you up to date on court dates and any movement with your case.” – J. Tinsley

“I can highly recommend the personal services offered by McRae Bail Bonds in San Antonio. In 2010 I was arrested and sent to jail to be processed, this in itself was not a pleasant encounter and since I was in the minority was somewhat concerned about my safety. I spent (1) day being processed into the computer system, and I heard some people had been there for over 3 days in the holding cell waiting to be ‘bailed out’. Luckily I contacted a friend who engaged the services of McRae Bail Bonds and they worked on providing the jail with the necessary bond in the early AM hours when most people were asleep. I would say ‘Thank You’ and would recommend their services.” – B. Spencer

“I had no experience with bail bondsmen, unfortunately my son was arrested and he needed a bond. Unfamilar in this arena I called several bail bond companies that were rude and uncaring. Brought to tears I called McRae Bail Bonds and was greeted with a very friendly and supportive person. She explained how a bond works and made the experience as pleasant as possible. A very understanding and calming office and staff made a bad experience very bearable. Thank you, You guys are the “Best” – Starina, CitySearch