After going out to enjoy a few drinks in San Antonio, opting to take a cab or Uber ride home is usually in the best interest of individuals without a designated driver. Using this option keeps both the individual and other drivers safe from drunk driving incidents. Unfortunately, big mistakes do happen to drunken people. One woman’s lack of judgement while under the influence of alcohol is causing her to suffer legal consequences.

In the earlier morning hours of Friday, September 25, 2015, a woman was refused service for being intoxicated in Club Essence, located at 1010 North Main Avenue in San Antonio, TX. The woman was seen driving erratically in the club’s parking lot after being kicked out. She was also seen intentionally crashing her vehicle into two men and seven parked cars, two of which she backed into. The two men suffered bodily injuries and were taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center and Downtown Baptist Hospital.

The woman, whose name has not been released, is being charged with aggravated assault. According to San Antonio Express News, she is also being charged with criminal mischief because one of the vehicles she intentionally crashed into was “pushed into the club’s wall, causing significant damage.”[1] Reports do not indicate whether or not the woman will be charged with a DWI.

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