DWI Lands Man in San Antonio Jail

Bexar County Jail DWI

After enjoying a night out on the town, opting to use a San Antonio rideshare company is a safe bet for individuals who don’t have a designated driver. Calling on a local driver is a smart way to prevent and avoid drunk driving incidents. Unfortunately, drunk people tend to exhibit poor decision-making skills and get into a lot of trouble with law enforcement officials.

Such is the case of one San Antonio man whose drunken journey ended with a night in jail and a hefty fine.

The San Antonio Housing Authority building on South Flores Street was crashed into by a drunk driver around midnight on January 7, 2016. There were no fatalities reported. According to a San Antonio news source, 23-year-old Daniel Perez Muñoz was charged with a class B misdemeanor and issued a $1,000 bond.[1]

Although there were two people inside the crashed sedan, police have not indicated whether the second person will face charges.

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