If you’re arrested in Bexar County, McRae Bail Bonds is the most reliable bail bond service you can call. John McRae has more than 25 years of experience in the bail bonds industry and specializes in helping people understand the complicated legal issues of an arrest.

Most Reliable Bail Bond Service in San Antonio

Arrests occur at all times of the day and night in Bexar County. Your Miranda Rights entitle you to speak with an attorney if you are detained by police. Inform your attorney that you would like to obtain a bond through McRae Bail Bonds. We’ll coordinate with your attorney so that your jail release as quick as possible and that you and your attorney are kept informed of all important court dates.

If you cannot afford to post a bail bond yourself, we will work with a friend or family member to approve them as a co-signer for a bond. We know paying for a bail bond can be expensive, so we have several affordable options.

McRae Bail Bonds prides itself on being the most reliable bail bond service in San Antonio. We are ready to take your call and answer any legal questions you may have 24 hours a day. Our office is just moments away from the Bexar County jail . For more information about fast jail release for yourself, a family member or co-worker, please call (210) 463-5561.

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