Unidentified Male Latest Victim of San Antonio Gun Violence

Gun Violence Bexar County

Gun violence is sweeping America’s residential neighborhoods on a seemingly daily basis. Unfortunately, the violence doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Several San Antonio communities have been unsettled by a series of crimes that have left numerous people seriously injured or dead. The most recent of these crimes was a mysterious homicide that still has law officials searching for answers.

At approximately 4 a.m. on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, an unidentified man was found dead in the 1500 block of Belen Street, the South Side of San Antonio. The Bexar County Sheriff’s Department determined that the body, lying outside of a trailer, was that of a 53-year-old man. He was riddled with multiple gunshot wounds.

After speaking with several neighbors, sheriff’s deputies have virtually no information to go on except a silver car that was seen driving away around the time of the homicide. “It does appear that there was some sort of disturbance that began outside and continued into the trailer,” said the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman James Keith.

Although the fatally wounded victim has yet to be identified, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is accepting information and tips about this crime. Call (210) 335-TIPS to help. Additionally, San Antonio residents from all communities are coming together to discuss mounting gun violence and other crimes. According to local news source KENS5, this joining of forces to combat crime was held after “police were called out to three different homicides in the past five days.”[1]

As we’ve heavily stressed in previous San Antonio crime reports, criminal homicide is among the most serious criminal offenses. It can result in life imprisonment or the death penalty (depending on state laws). Although there are several legal definitions of murder and criminal homicide according to the Texas Penal Code, you can be certain that if a person is charged with this crime, they’re going to experience a plethora of legal troubles.

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